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Low Level Laser Therapy / Phototherapy in Calgary

Using Laser Light to Reduce Pain & Inflammation

The Medex Laser Light therapy utilizes light from the infrared and near red light energy spectrum. This form of light has demonstrated therapeutic effects ranging from reducing pain and inflammation to stimulating healing by increasing cellular activity. Successful treatment has been seen in conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, wounds, scars, fractures, repetitive strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other soft tissue injures.

How Does Laser Light Therapy Work?

Therapy involves saturating the injured or treatment area with the infrared light. The light is then absorbed by the ‘power house’ of the cell, the mitochondria, which converts the light energy into cellular energy, similar to how plants convert sunlight for their functions. The cell can then use this increased energy to perform its restorative functions.

Who Uses Laser Light Therapy?

This therapy is already being used by professional sports teams and Olympic athletes for its superior therapeutic benefits.