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Adeeva Products in Calgary


Adeeva Products Available Here!

Adeeva formulations are continually updated as new findings become available from important studies and clinical trials, published in recognized scientific publications. An easy and comprehensive supplementation system, the Adëeva product line is a complete nutrient-delivery system designed to simplify the daily task of ensuring you’re getting optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing agents to protect your health, enhance anti-aging and bolster your body’s defense against degenerative diseases, debilitating conditions, and the onset of other health problems.

Please Consult us Before Purchasing any New Product

Although you can purchase the entire line of Adeeva Products through this system. We strongly recommend that you consult us before purchasing any new products. Natural health products are considered safer than pharmaceuticals in that they are not synthetically produced and have fewer known side effects as a general rule, however they still need to be administered safely. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for all natural products. Certain conditions and patients on other forms of therapy, pharmaceutical drugs or even other natural health products, may suffer serious consequences or drug interactions if proper consultation is not sought prior to commencing the use of any product.

For More Information

Stop by or give us a call. You can read more about the Adeeva product line on their website.

Adeeva Natural Health Test

If you would like more information on your health – Take the Adeeva Natural Health Test. If you would like to share it with us, forward it to the clinic and we will call you to set up an appointment and review the comments and recommendations. As we stress no new therapy or changes to dietary habits should be undertaken without appropriate consultation with an authorized healthcare provider.


Whether it’s an overworked muscle, a chronically achy back or the fitful discomfort of arthritis, pain affects millions of Americans every day. Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that uses the cooling effect of menthol, a natural pain reliever, to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. It penetrates quickly, offering relief through cold therapy. For this reason, it’s especially effective for use in conjunction with hands-on health care such as chiropractic and massage.