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About Full Motion Health & Pain Management

Providing Quality Chiropractic Care to North Hill Centre, Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Our approach to your health takes into consideration many factors, and keeps your health goals in mind.

Full Motion Health & Pain Management is conveniently located on the mall level of the North Hill Centre. You will find us located at 14th Street and the Transcanada HWY (16th Avenue NW), close to the SAIT and the LRT. We proudly serve the Briar Hill/ Hounsfield Heights, West Hillhurst, Capitol Hill and Mount Pleasant communities. However, since the North Hill Centre is such a great location with great accessibility, we have people coming from all over the belt line region of Calgary including Downtown.

We Are Patient Centered

At Full Motion Health & Pain Management we aim to be patient centered. What does this mean? It means doing what is best for the patient and what makes them the most comfortable. Patients cannot adopt our recommendations for care unless they are comfortable with what we are doing. We alter our treatment plans to fit the patients needs at the time. We are also evidence based, so our treatments always have scientific evidence to support them. We have a team approach to care . We know we don’t have all the answers all the time so we strive to work with other professionals to ensure our patients get what they need. We are full service – so we like to look at the patient from all angles in order to serve them best. This includes their fitness levels, nutritional status, postural alignments and the concerns they are coming in for. However we understand that not everyone is ready to address all these areas when they visit us and we keep that in mind. So while we approach your health from a holistic model, we recognize that some patients are seeing us to address a specific problem and we are more than happy to help them with that.

Our Mission

At Full Motion Health & Pain Management, our mission is to provide outstanding patient care and education to our patients, in the art and science of chiropractic in an holistic , whole health environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients that are new to chiropractic or that are new to our clinic have questions that are unique to their situations. I guess a common question would be how often do I have to come. And the answer is as unique as the person. It is very much dependent on what the problem is, how long they have had it, how severe it is and finally what they want to achieve – are they looking for pain control, correction, prevention or a quick fix – their treatment plan will vary based on this.

We definitely encourage people to look forward and adopt a preventative model of health. But as I said previously not everyone is ready to do this and we are here to help for whatever stage they are at.

Our Vision for the Future…

I hope I am around to see all the health professions working together to help patients. There are so many great treatment options available. People and their needs are so diverse its great to have diverse treatment options – as one will hopefully be suitable to your patient – wouldn’t it be great if all health professionals knew and understood what the other offered and could do for our patients – Only then can we fully address our patients needs, when we recognize that as an individual we have limitations but as a group of health professionals we can surmount many obstacles to help our patients recover from injury or illness and have a greater quality of life. We look at our selves as a stone on the path of the patient’s health and fullest potential to experience what life has to offer. We are honored to help them achieve this potential what ever it maybe for each individual.

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