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What is soft tissue therapy and fascial release for?

We provide various forms of soft tissue and fascial release therapy to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve tissue, and fascia. The following are several conditions that can be effectively treated with a form of soft tissue or fascial release and are often associated with repetitive strain injuries such as shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfers’ elbow, back pain, knee problems, plantar fascitis, sciatica and headaches.

The Goal of Soft Tissue and Fascial Release

The goal is to restore optimal texture, motion, and function of the soft tissue and release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels. This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions or fibrosis in the soft tissues via the application of specific protocols. Adhesions can occur as a result of acute injury, repetitive motion , and constant pressure or tension. Our goal is to address the pain and dysfunction associated with these adhesions.

Hands on Approach

With a hands on approach, the practitioner can feel the adhesions or areas of tension while they are treating. This system allows diagnosis during each session of therapy, as we have come to experience that adhesions rarely occur in isolation. More often than not there are multiple adhesions that cause dysfunction and pain.

What is FAKTR and Graston Technique?

Both FAKTR (pronounced “Factor”) and Graston are forms of instrument assisted soft tissue therapy to find and “release” areas of pain, tension, loss of range of motion in areas of muscles and fascia.

Who can Benefit?

Various forms of soft tissue therapy can be used to treat everyone from high performance athletes with sports trauma to the admininstrative assistant with carpal tunnel syndrome. Its applications can benefit most if not all muscle and joint conditions in some meaningful way. To restore pain free range of motion for whiplash sufferes, help arthritis patients maintain mobility and reduce stiffness, or help avoid surgery for someone with plantar fascitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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